Ironic Reality

Ironic Reality February 2017

Last September, I was able to take my dream trip to Australia to participate as a fundraiser in the Olivia Newton–John Cancer, Wellness, and Research Centre Walk and Gala events. I’d worked hard for months to raise funds to help people get the services and help they needed while going through their cancer journeys. Throughout the months of fundraising, it became clear that I was going to end up being the top fundraiser individually and to also have the honor of leading the highest fund raising team of walkers as well.

I can’t explain what an honor it was to be in that position. I was not only helping others, but I was doing it while visiting the place I’d dreamed about seeing since I was a little girl watching “Skippy The Bush Kangaroo”.

The events I attended were incredibly moving and profound. The reality of seeing my name plaques on the wall of the Centre, filled me with a sense of having been a part of something tangible that was created to live on and to do good things for people long after I was gone.

What struck me the most though, were the people and the patients I’d met at the events I attended. They were incredibly friendly and openly grateful for what I’d given to them. It was the time I’d taken to raise the money. Not the funds themselves, but the passion for doing for it people who I didn’t even know. It was overwhelming at times, and many tears flowed throughout those days.

Moving forward to January fourth of 2017, I felt pain in my body that just wouldn’t loosen its grip. I’d been feeling poorly for a few weeks or so. Nothing tangible until that January day. A visit to the ER and a CT scan, quickly led to a life changing moment. The ER doctor came back with the results and said, “You don’t have appendicitis, but we found a lesion and you need to call your doctor immediately tomorrow morning.” I will admit I didn’t know exactly what she meant right away until I read my discharge papers. She was talking a tumor. There it was in front of my face. I probably had cancer.

Since then, I’ve gone through weeks of testing and this Wednesday the tumor will be removed by highly skilled surgeons who I’m lucky call my friends. They’ve taken amazing care of me throughout this process. I’m grateful for all their support and help through this Journey so far.

The few friends I’ve shared this news with have formed a loving circle of good vibes and I’ve truly felt their love and compassion. This just proves that it really is a random thing. Who would’ve thought that four months after raising the highest amount of funds the ONJCWRC had ever seen for the walk, I’d be facing my own path through this disconcerting illness? I will say, they’ve found it early and without tempting fate, I fully believe that I’ll be fine and then I’ll understand even more fully what it is to not only survive, but to thrive. Keep a good thought in your mind for me on Wednesday and in the coming days of recovery if you wouldn’t mind.

All types of prayers, good wishes and love are appreciated.


Author: Mindy Verson

Spouse. Cancer Thriver. Humanitarian.

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