The Yin and Yang of a Day in March

It’s been a day of joy and sorrow. The true yin and yang of life. A life that was lost too soon was remembered yesterday. Then by midday today, a baby was born that incredibly, inherited his dimples and his beautiful smile.

Julia Mary Cerney, entered a world full of division and strife. But she lay in the arms of many who love her today. Healing their pain from last year’s loss of the Uncle she’ll never meet. But she’s got those dimples of his. I hope she’s as sensitive a human being as he was.

Billy was a beautiful soul who only wanted to have a family. Live a normal life. To be honest, like the lives all his siblings are living. I thank the stars above that they are living those lives.

They don’t walk around like he didn’t matter. They’re beautiful. And honor him at every chance they get. He’s never far from anyone who knew him. In thought. In energy flow. In remembering those dimples. That smile.

How does the universe take a man so wanting in his desire to be here, and have a family, with one stroke of its mighty sword? The evil injustice of opioid addiction took Billy’s smile from our lives. But put it right back a year later, plus one day on Julia Mary Cerney’s face.

She already knows joy. In her first day of life, she truly knows what joy is. You can see it right on her face. Posing with her Mama for the first of many thousands of pictures.

No, we do not forget Billy on this day. What he did was graciously let his Niece have her own day to have as her Birthday. Unconnected to the prior day, which is indeed a complicated one. His beautiful Sister’s Birthday, and the date which he chose to take one more flight that ended in heaven.

Why do these kinds of things happen? The yin and yang of joy and sorrow. I think some would say you can’t know joy without sorrow. I say bull to that thought. Billy should be here. Celebrating with all of his family. And Julia Mary Cerney should have her Uncle here to love her. To teach her all he taught so many of us. The beauty of sensitivity. He had a heart full of it.

Let’s remember him by loving his family. His children. His fight for life.

Please support his family by donating in his name to stop the addiction that held him for too long. They will be running the Chicago Marathon in his name.

William “Billy” Cerney

Thank you.

Happy Birthday Julia Mary Cerney!


Author: Mindy Verson

Spouse. Cancer Thriver. Humanitarian.

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