Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again

It’s Sunday night. It’s quiet in the house. Sleep is all around me. The quiet murmur of purring and snoring. In between the sound of good sleep, the thoughts of fear keep slipping into my brain.

In three days, I will undergo another operation to repair some of the damage my original cancer operation caused.

There’s no way to go into something like this without a hint of fear. It would be inhuman to think that someone is so brave that fear does. not touch them. Fear can motivate. In fact, in my case it’s causing me to remember to live in the moment. To say I love you. To show appreciation for kindness shown with no expectation.

Everyone is going through something. I’ve heard some awfully sad things this week from my friends and those are the times when you feel helpless. You can’t change someone else’s pain. You can only offer your wishes of a better time and give them love.

My first instinct is to always ask what I can do. Truth is, in some cases there’s just nothing you can do. But I know that at least the offer is on the table, with the hope that they know I’m here to listen if need be. I call. Leave a loving message and hope they feel my love.

We never know what someone else is going through on any given day. And we’ve become a society that doesn’t ask. We text, we FB message, we email, and we disconnect from the reality of relationships.

I love nothing more than a great chat on the phone. It reminds me of late nights as a teen talking away about life with my friends. Making a real connection. Hearing the tone of another person’s voice is so important. Today we don’t hear tone anymore. Because we don’t use our phones to talk. We use them to avoid the deeper connection we should be having.

So, if you’re a good friend of mine and want to know how my operation goes, pick up the phone.

And listen to my voice.

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