Tonight’s The Night!

I sit here in the quiet of the morning. Birds singing their songs outside my window. I’m content. I’m excited. I’m in awe of the event to come this evening.

Tonight Cathy Richardson, the City Winery Chicago and myself, are putting on a benefit for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness And Research Centre. Click here to purchase tickets.

It’s been fifteen years since I’ve produced a benefit show, but I still remember the gratitude I felt that day. It’s equal to what I’m feeling now. To have such a beautiful venue, a kick ass band, and everyone that’s supported us along the way, get us to this moment, is nothing short of devine intervention. I’m proud of everyone who has given so selflessly to make this evening come to fruition.

The ONJCWRC is a place where miracles are happening. Treatment for all types of cancer, and programs that involve wellness for the whole person. Mind, body and soul, are what we’re supporting tonight.

Olivia is the inspiration for tonight’s show. As well as the 40th Anniversary of Grease. So expect some of your favorite ONJ songs to be played as well as Cathy’s most well known songs.

If you can’t make it, please consider a donation to my ONJCWRC Wellness Walk Fund. Click here to donate. Every dollar counts.

Thank you to:

Cathy, her band, Olivia Newton-John, Michael Caprio, Libby, Dan, and the entire staff of the City Winery, John Landecker (our host), Kat, Prof. Jonathan Cebon, Debbie Schiell, and the staff of the ONJCWRC, and especially to everyone who has purchased tickets to support this amazing evening.

In my mind, it’s already a success, because it’s happening. Whatever comes of it is gravy. When the intent is good and comes from a place of kindness, how can it be anything but positive?


Author: Mindy Verson

Spouse. Cancer Thriver. Humanitarian.

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